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Children’s Day 2020: Back to school with TV stars

The tele-actors walked to Memory Lane on Saturday to commemorate Children’s Day and recall their gloomy memories from school.

Actor Abhishek Nigam of Prayagraj shared that he usually used to visit Anand Bhavan, the city’s historic historical house museum, which focuses on the Nehru family on the evening of November 14 every year, as it is the date’s birthday. India’s first Prime Minister Jawaharlal Nehru. “Children’s Day is celebrated as a tribute to Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, so we usually went there. We also celebrated at school. I still remember, on Children’s Day, we used to get sweets. We were always given a packet of two laduos.” After the morning prayers and then our class teacher would treat us to samosas, ”he said.

The best part for them was when the teachers allowed them to have fun in the classroom.

“That one day, we all want to stay until school happens. I’ve missed those days and wish I could go back. If I get a chance to be a kid again, I want to open up during my lunchbox.” “Do classrooms and keep quiet with my friends,” the actor said. To add to that, I want to be carefree and play as much as I can with my friends from school.

Actress Bhavika Sharma also remembers that day as she has less study and more fun time.

“I remember at school we used to celebrate half day, dance and eat. So, I danced a lot because I like dancing. I want to be a kid again, because that life is stress free, no need. Thinking more about anything. Childhood is a period when you just need to have fun, play and study a little. I used to study a little in my childhood, but if I get a chance to be a child again, I will definitely do it this time. Use it to be very infamous. I can use that opportunity to try all the things, sports, and subjects I was afraid of as a child. “

Actress Gulki Joshi remembers sweets and good food when she thinks of Children’s Day.

“I think Children’s Day immediately takes me back to school days when we get sweets, good food and teachers. One day with us was really nice. Those were some fun days and I think I still have a baby and “I used to go to NGOs for underprivileged children on Children’s Day and spend time with them, but I don’t have time to do that now because of the shooting schedule,” Gulki said.

Looking back on her school days, actress Ashi Singh said on Children’s Day that her teachers were presenting a play and the students got chocolates and sweets.

“It was a lot of fun to be pampered by all the teachers that day. I would love to go back to those days and be a child again. If I had the chance to be a child again even for a day I would. Use the opportunity to live the day to the fullest, without worrying or worrying about anything in this world, ”Ashi said.

“Keeping the baby alive in us is important because it takes you through some tough days. I think at this kindergarten rate everyone should make sure to bring the baby inside them and enjoy that feeling to the fullest,” he added.

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