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Chetan Hansraj on his Brahmarakshas 2 look: it takes 4 hours to put prosthetics on my face

After introducing three interesting literary properties in the festive month of October and mesmerizing its audience with stories capturing the pulse of the Indian middle class, Zee TV will now take its audience on a journey of imagination. The channel recently launched the second season of its popular weekend thriller Brahmaraksha. Produced by Balaji Telefilms, the show premiered its first episode on November 22, featuring television actress Nikki Sharma, popular actor Pearl V. Angadi played the role along with Puri. After a fairly interesting start, this Sunday the show is set to make an exciting and captivating revelation.

In the opening episode the viewers are introduced to the fight against the evil power of the female Kalindi around her who seems to be hiding around her, there is a lot of speculation about the true identity and human form that this Brahmaraksha will assume. In the exciting turn of events, viewers will find in the latest episodes of the show that Brahmaraksha is nothing more than Vardhan Chaudhary played by multi-talented television superstar Chetan Hansraj.

Chetan Hansraj in Brahmarakshas 2
Chetan Hansraj in Brahmarakshas 2

Of the many negative characters portrayed by Chetan, this role is one of his most challenging yet provocative. Chetan said of his love for the genre and the intruder to adopt the character, “The genre of supernatural shows has always been my favorite. When I first heard the story I was immediately overwhelmed, and I thought it was thrilling and The perfect mix of drama that is needed to complete a show like this. We can have this best werewolf story right now on Indian television. I’m really looking forward to portraying this character because it’s something different I’ve written an essay before and it’s his Brings its own set of challenges. In addition, I’m back on Zee TV after almost four to five years and I’m happy to be part of the family once again. “

Chetan Hansraj in Brahmarakshas 2
Chetan Hansraj in Brahmarakshas 2

The actor’s character has a monstrous incarnation that takes Chetan about four hours to get in and out. Talking about his look, Chetan said, “It takes at least hours to put heavy prosthetics on my face and it takes four to five people who are exceptionally skilled. Shooting in costume, which involves doing various action sequences, is a big challenge. So I don’t take anything away from the interest and fascination I have. When it can be a difficult task to change from Vardhan to Brahmaraksh and back to Vardhan, it is the most exciting part of this character. “

The identity of Brahmarakshas may be open, but why does Vardhan turn into Brahmarakshas and why is it after Kalindi? To find out, stay tuned as Brahmarakshas 2, which airs every Saturday and Sunday at 9 p.m.

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