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Bollywood News – Naagin: ‘There is a Spider-Man and Wonder Woman; Producer Nikhil Dwivedi says, “I have a woman with the same kind of superpowers. [Exclusive]

A new franchise, a trilogy exacting on snake-changing women, is being made in Bollywood, titled Naagin, in which Shraddha Kapoor is playing the role of Slate. However, despite Naagin (1976), Nagina (1986) and Ekta Kapoor’s long-running TV show, Naagin, all have been highly successful and are highly loved by the audience. However exciting as it sounds, we still talk about the film-audience today (very different from the small-screen audience, who don’t need to pay to see something special) —beautiful beauties, and During a recent interview, Nikhil Dwivedi presented the query to the producer exactly as we said. However, he was quick to dispel all our doubts. Also Read – Stage set for the final episode of Mouni Roy’s Naagin!

Assuming that audiences on the big screen would have great reciprocity for Naagin if it was presented well, Nikhil Dwivedi said, “You know how America is stumbling upon a similar story. Let me tell you one line of the story. There is this young boy in college, very unpopular, panicked all around, goes to this photo-group exhibition, bitten by a spider, the next day, acquires supernatural powers, jumps from one building to another Is, and becomes Spider-Man, and it’s been running since ’65. Similarly, as Spider-Man, Wonder Woman is. Now, I have a woman, who comes from traditional folklore, who has the same kind of supernatural powers, the difference is that she is a shapeshitter, she can take any form, any human form, and she Can also be deceitful. Now, explain why the audience is not ready for this? If I am going to make a regressive story, you are going to find regression in superstition. If I make a contemporary story, and I like it very much, it will be accepted as a flight of imagination. So this is how it is – I see it as a superhero film, and this is how I’m going to make it and that’s what I’m going to pitch it. ” Also Read – Naagin: With the help of Sesha, Shivanya kills Kabir

Coming on the vision and scale and where the films will eventually release, he said, “We are definitely not going to cut corners. This is going to be a VFX-heavy film, it is going to be a massive campaign. And, oh yeah … it will come on the big screen. ” Also Read – Naagin recap: Sheesha gets trapped while Guruma KILL goes to Shivanya aka Mouni Roy!

Nikhil has marked a successful return to acting with the web series, Scam 1992, after taking a prolonged sabbatical from facing the camera after an inauspicious debut, which was followed by the highly successful Veere Di Wedding Went into production.

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