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Bigg Boss 14: Pavitra Poonia Predicts Predictor Outside Home

Karan Wahi welcomed the outgoing rival of the week – Pavitra Poonia to the show. She asked him about his experience inside the house in which he felt he was “tough and beautiful”. For her, her indoor trip was beautiful due to tuning in with Aijaz Khan. “Nikki- Poetry is each other’s shoulders, blowing each other up at the right time.” “Ever since Eli entered the house, he just wanted a deal that saved him from nomination and gives you immunity, so Eli grabbed Rahul.”

During her last week on the show, she felt a sense of morale due to a fight with Ally during the captaincy work between Kavita and Jasmine. On the flip side, Karan during a game with him, Holy Poonia Mentioned that ij jazz was the only rival that made him feel at home. Among other heart-warming antics, she was very sweet when she made chapatti for him while living inside the red zone. For the next abolition, he predicted that the next person to be cast would be innovative.

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To add to the fun, Karan greets the celebrity guest of the episode – Shefali Jariwala. Shefali felt that the energy of the contestant seemed a little low and he missed the element of friendship most inside the house. One was asked by Karan who he supports inside the house, he clearly stated that his preferences change every week. “I initially liked Nikki as an audience member. She was a strong personality,” she said of her friends at home. He further added, “I prefer I Jazz because he has the adventure of playing alone in the game, but I can see that he is also bored and yet the people inside the house are not taking him very seriously.” On wild card entry Ally Goni, he said, “It reminds me of Paras. Ally can be manipulative.” Singer Rahul Vaidya’s remedies include, “Rahul can manipulate but never manipulate. I love one of his liners!”

From an audience perspective, he would like to see ij jazz and poetry as friends and he would look amazing. During the entertaining game, she said that Abhinav is the #Kachchhnimbu inside the house, Kavita is #Patak, Nikki is #Astinkasnap.

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