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Bigg Boss 14: Kavita Kaushik is missing her second chance?

One would think that Kavita Kaushik would change her strategy after re-entering the house of Bigg Boss following the shocking elements that had previously entered. Destroy the idea, her attitude towards return has led many to wonder if she has lost the conspiracy.

Kavita was seen as a strong contender when she first entered the show, but especially after a fight with ij Jazz Khan, she was shocked when she entered the house. He also admitted that the fight with ij Jazz was against him, and was fired just a week after the entry.

Now, he’s back in the game, and not much has changed. He still fights with Ejaz over and over again on older topics.

In fact, when she was indoors for a particular segment, celebrity guest and filmmaker Farah Khan told her to move on as the whole issue with Ijaz was becoming repetitive and boring for the viewers. It seems that poetry is not in the mood to heed advice.

The whole game of Big Boss is about getting out of someone’s comfort zone and showing your personality in adverse circumstances. When locked inside the show, it’s also about making connections to survive.

Poetry isn’t doing anything like that. There is no excitement when it comes to tasks, he easily admits to losing and is not seen making bonds with any of his house mates.

In the episode of the week, superstar Salman Khan also questioned whether he could be defeated so easily and not fight for it.

Now, in addition to Aizaz, she is also having quarrels with Eli Goni, who becomes a good friend of Aijaz.

His latest affair with Ejaz is due to cleaning the kitchen. The matter escalated to the point that she became physically ill, and Big Boss had to intervene.

Later, Kavita was also seen accusing Salman of not being interested in her revelations, and only endorsing Ajaz.

Kavita said that when she entered the show, she thought that no one but Salman would understand her. Now, she thinks that even when Salman tries to explain anything to her, he is not interested.

She said: “I have one of his expressions, one line if he speaks, I say how I look (I have paid attention to all his words and expressions, and I understand that How am I present program). “

Her strategy is becoming speculative – belly-edging about things, or getting into fights with Ijaz or Eli.

“#KavitaKaushik There is life outside #Ijazkhan and he feeds him chicken! It’s really too small and cheap! Stop this poem you are really disgusting,” one user shared on Twitter.

Another wrote: “#KavitaKaushik you exposed your selves through your game. You are only watching because of #Aijakhan. According to your statement you finally exposed #Aijazkhan because it is #IjazazIbosz and without #Ijaz you are nothing.”

It is clear that he has not learned any lessons, and only time will tell how long he can survive with such a strategy and attitude.

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