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Bigg Boss 14: Is Nishant Singh Malkhani single and ready to merge?

Even when Nishant Singh Malkhani is inside the “Bigg Boss” house, the girls run gaps over him. But did you know that the actor is solo, and well, ready to mix.

In a heartfelt conversation with co-star Kavita Kaushik, Nishant revealed that he is single, and he also talked about both his past relationships and what went wrong.

He said, “When I started at the same time as the actor Bank Mumbai Aga Tab Tak, it was likely that I would move to Mumbai and become an air hostess, then I would come once a month, we would spend that day. Rishta Chaal Kuch 3-4- 3-4 Sal Kuch Ada Tara Se Mahine Mein Ek Din Milke. I am 1-2 miles a month. If you have a boyfriend or a girlfriend, you are naturally the best, you don’t want to be bad (when I came to Mumbai to become an actor, I was in a relationship. My girlfriend is an air.) There was a hostess, and because of that we only met once. It lasted 3-4-. Years. Unfortunately, because of her work we knew each other, didn’t understand each other). “

He continued, “Once again there will be a time when I will be completely saturated, Kunki, I will not be tired of talking to him, I will say something about my parents, then I will understand what I said, then I will tell you.” Don thinks of the long-term I can see. But it’s true that she’s married now and has a respectful conversation with us whenever there is talk (slowly and gradually, the relationship is satisfied.) Now married, and we have a respectable conversation) “.

Nishant added, “Ek-sal sal ka mera relation r relataan hua tha beach me pan waho bhi phir galat insan ke saath hi hoga tha, matlab mere liye galat insan tha pan wise mein sure sure thik hoga, pan pachi hu meri choice hi It was like galat hai (for two years, I was in a relationship with another. But this time too I fell for the wrong person. I was confident that things would work out eventually, but it didn’t happen).

When Kavita then asked him about the status of his relationship, he said, “Nothing now single (I’m single now)”.

So ladies, hopefully you’re listening, because the way it presents and gives its best look in a reality show, it won’t last long before it’s taken.

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