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Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Evidence: Jasmine Bhasin and Ally Gony have a very emotional time

With Bigg Boss and Salman Khan completely changing the scene for the house mates, now things are literally on fire! This is the final week and friends at home know that four of them will be removed. They know that any moment can be their last and are constantly improving their game.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

Big Boss asks the housemates that now the first emergence will happen. Big Boss presents them with another mentally challenging task, so the members of the household are all upset. Friends at home will have to answer some of the toughest and sharpest questions asked of them by their fellow competitors.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

First up Ally and Jasmine are sitting on the hot seat and both are baked by the others. Poetry and Nikki actually completely stripped some of them with some stinging questions, to which Ally and Jasmine successfully answer.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

Ruby also grills Jasmine and makes sure she responds to everyone. Poetry and Nikki are now and then and we’ll do another awesome interrogation by Jasmine.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

Ij Jazz and Rahul go ahead and they have to face questions about their behavior in the show and about using others to their advantage. Rubina and Abhinav face a dilemma of questioning and are blamed for using their personal issues to get Nikki and Kavita to blame.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

This leads to a very long after the game is over and Nikki and Abhinav argue over it.

Bigg Boss 14 Final Week Eviction Episode

Jasmine and Ally share a very emotional time, as they see that one of the two will be kicked out of the house.

Will Rubina and Abhinav be able to withstand the accusations of her housemates? Who will be out of the house on the first day of the final week?

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