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Bigg Boss 14 Days 50 Update: Aijaz Khan breaks down after revealing his dark past

Big Boss is sure to change the scene, not just for the members of the household but for the audience as well! This time, Bigg Boss decides to end Rubina’s immunity and announces a task in which each housemate will have a chance to win the immunity stone. Bet? Friends at home have to go into the confession area and reveal a very personal thing about themselves.

Big Boss 14 days 50

This work from the beginning shows that the competitors have to be very strong mentally to win it.

The first contestant to take a shot at her is Jasmine. She reveals the duration of her struggle and how she gave it numerous itions dishes, just to be hidden. She shared how hard the ordeal was and how all those denials shattered her confidence.

Big Boss 14 days 50

Next is Aijaz Khan who also reveals a very personal, shocking and provocative, personal truth. He shares how he was touched inappropriately as a child and the impact it had on him. Ij Jazz also shares that he saw a physician later in life to overcome this phenomenon. While he doesn’t blame himself for it, because he was just a small child when it happened, he has a pity. He regrets not being able to tell his father about it.

Big Boss 14 days 50

When Ijaz exists after his confession, Kavita, who is his strongest opponent, spends Ijaz to comfort him. Clearly, this work is as much about supporting each other as it is about accepting your deepest fears.

Big Boss 14 days 50

She was shocked when Ruby enters another room and she and her husband and co-star Abhinav’s marriage turned out to be on the verge of divorce. She said the two have decided that if things do not get better between them by November this year, they will apply for a divorce. However, entering Bigg Boss has given their relationship a second chance.

Big Boss 14 days 50

Will Bigg Boss see more shocking revelations from competitors? Will Abhinav and Ruby seize this opportunity and strengthen their relationship? Will the revelation of ij Jazz melt the heart of the poem, and can these two make meaningful friendships?

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