Home Entertainment Bigg Boss 14 Days 40 Update: Captain's work becomes messy, yet interesting

Bigg Boss 14 Days 40 Update: Captain’s work becomes messy, yet interesting


The housemates had been living inside the house with Kavita Kaushik since day one. Although Ejaz considered him a friend, now the tables have turned again.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

A small trigger poem about kitchen cleaning tries to dominate Kaushik again. This is not a good thing to argue with any of the housemates and ij jazz and poetry. The angry poem pushed ij jazz and the two got into a big fight, so others would intervene to prevent him from becoming physical.

The election of a new captain becomes the focal point of the house as Bigg Boss Rubina and Rahul are pitted against each other. Red Hearts vs. Black Hearts, both will reign on their thrones as King and Queen.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

Other household members have to act as their servants and make hearts for their respective team. The one who gets the highest number of hearts will be the next captain of the house. The money allotted to them by the Big Boss could also be given by the King and Queen.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

Everyone in the house is seen planning and plotting with each other about the next task. Connections are formed and Rubina as the queen and Rahul as the king begin to reach out to the house mates and promise that they will give them a beautiful return for the heart that clings to them.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

The task soon takes an awful turn as the housemates are seen breaking hearts from the walls. Eli, Ejaz and Kavita are at the forefront of all action.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

Eventually, there was a huge clash between Queen Rubina and King Rahul. Ruby loses her cool when Rahul accuses her of supporting Abhinav and not playing the game on her own. She says Abhinav always acts like her advocate and scolds Rubina, who in turn tells her not to talk about her husband and not to make fun of him.

Big Boss 14 Day 40 Update

Who wins the captaincy job? Will Ruby forgive Rahul for commenting on Abhinav?

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