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Bigg Boss 14 Days 37 Update: Poetry breaks down after a fight with Kaushik Ally Gony

Bigg Boss 14 has picked up the pace of the hurricane and family friends are now figuring out who to support and who to stand up against. The day begins when Kavita and Jaan are horned.

Big Boss 14 days 39

The poem responds to Jaan’s allegations that he is not himself and is a fake. The poem accuses Jaan of not attending the Bigg Boss House on his behalf. Kavita also accused other household members of forming groups and attacking her. Eli jumps up and says there are no groups in the house.

Big Boss 14 days 39

Instead, he accused Kavita of trying to form a group with Nikki and said he caught her gossiping about him. Jan supports Ally and says he has heard Nicky and Kavita talk about Ally in a negative light. He also says that if it weren’t for the ij jazz factor, Kavita would have had nothing to get footage and say in Bigg Boss House.

Big Boss 14 days 39

When Kavita raises her ground against all the accusations, she later breaks down and says in front of Jasmine that she shouldn’t enter Bigg Boss House!

The awesome time of the week is here and this time it comes with a twist. As a captain, Ally is given the opportunity to select six people, whom he wishes to nominate, one of whom will be expelled from the Bigg Boss House.

Big Boss 14 days 39

Inside the Confession Room, Ally’s first two names seem obvious. He puts the name of the poem first because he believes it makes unnecessary arguments. Her other name is Nikki, because she believes she’s talking behind her back with the poem. But the third name he takes is rather shocking! He has named Rubina as the person he wants to nominate to put up a fiction! She and Abhinav consider Ally a close friend, Ruby herself is shocked at the thought.

Big Boss 14 days 39

Who are the other nominated competitors? Are groups being formed in Bigg Boss House?

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