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Bigg Boss 14 Day 29 Update: Angels and Devils clash inside the house

Everyone is watching Ellie and Jasmine’s friendship as coming together as a pair is a threat to many in-house competitors. While some examples have already generated friction, their friendship will face a test of time as they move forward in the game individually.


Big Boss announces a luxury budget task in which the house is divided into ‘Angels’ and ‘Devils’. With their white ‘halos’, the house angels have a certain behavior to follow as instructed by the Big Boss. The devil on the other hand has to be tough and everyone has to move forward to win the budget task.


Keeping an eye on the prize, the Devils take the Angels to work. Ijaz takes full advantage of his power as part of the Devils and tries to reconcile his score with Pavitra. He ordered him to humiliate Jani by repeating “* Pavitra Poonia Ehsaan Farmosh Hai! ‘* And move his dice forward against Nikki, then Jana does more agitation. He plays sports. Insults Jan, and there was a fierce fight between the two.


Ally is seen leading the Devils, who incite Jasmine to be inhumane towards the angels. Au starts giving each other cold shoulders until she loses her cool and starts screaming at Jasmine for ignoring her!


Will Jasmine and Ellie make peace after work? Will the angels ‘inner strength and behavior win over the Devils’ ferocity?


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