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Asif Sheikh: Bhabhiji Ghar Par Hai is the only silver lining in Shilpa Shinde’s career


It has been four years since Shilpa Shinde left the popular television show Bhabhiji Ghar Hai. Shubhangi was here instead. “Shubhangi is an ideal combination of innocence and charm. She is a fabulous actress and I think she will make an exceptional Anguri Bhabhi and instinctively grab everyone’s heart,” the show’s producer Benefer Kohli said in a statement.

Shilpa, who was not The show has been reported on the set of the show for some time now due to its personal problems with the producer, who was directed earlier this week by the Cine & TV Artists Association (CITTAA) and the Council of Indian Film and TV Producers (IFTPC).

And now, in an interview with Times India f India, Asif Sheikh also talks about this and also talked about why he did not take a stand for the actress. He spoke, “Shilpa had some issues with the producers and the channel and had nothing to do with the co-stars. In fact, recently she recommended my name for ‘Bigg Boss’, but I refused because I had some kind of controversy in me. Don’t want. Life. “

He added, “We were not aware of what went wrong between the director, the producer and the actor. The reason I did not speak on this issue was that I prefer to consider my own business. In addition, I did not take any attitude towards Shilpa. Feeling we have ‘Run out of gas’ emotionally. “What is the actor’s commitment when they sign up for a show? It’s towards the show. Bhabhi G is the only silver lining in Shilpa’s career.”

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Actors too It turned out to be the same person who recommended her name to the producers for the role of Anguri. He said, “Bhabhiji’s character, which she portrayed, was the best anyone could ever find, so I kept telling her, there’s nothing to lose this show, because she’s so close to me. In fact, I got her show. “When the writer of the show described the character to me, I said that this is Shilpa Shinde. She was an ideal sister-in-law and really charming as a character. “

Recently, Soumya Tandon also left the show after being part of it for more than five years.

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