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Ankur Tiwari in search of fairy tale sounds

Seeing him navigating the rocky terrain of Goa beaches, with a portable recorder in his hand, catching the sounds of broken waves on the shore, Ankur Tiwari came as an artist to explore the sounds of the city, the sights, the journey of his travels. Uses. And for food, music creation. He says, “I’m a boring artist.” “Send me to Goa or a hill-station, and instead of cooling down on the beach with beer, I won’t write a word,” he says, who was bound by the pressure of delivering this loosely promising track. Due to its association with MTV’s sound tripin.

Two sets of the four-episode series, which explores the four cities in an attempt to make Tiwari represent songs of each culture, have aired. This kind of effort demands a uniform dance, between his team and him. “I had seen the previous asons, and concluded that for this version I wanted to showcase my personality through my music. There had to be a team that could enable me to do it successfully. If I do it from scratch they grow digitally. Will do it and send it back [in no time]. I wanted to use stories to express my voices. “

The first episode makes it clear that the stories, indeed, weave the show together. Many Opportunity Events – It is the communicator with the artist who ultimately the final song of the episode, or the many musicians who value the track – are credited with being able to achieve his or her goal. But, are such coincidences common when hitting the road in this type of travel series? Tiwari admits that a small amount of scripting is done before taking part in the rest of the fate. “For example, when the Goa episode shows that I was introduced [musician] Sonia Shirsat [to explore the genre] Fedo, I actually had a conversation with him before we rolled over. We did research on the musical aspects of Goa, as we did for other cities. I had a vague idea of ​​what I was [wanted to present]. I know what the mood of the song will be, and to create it, the artists I will need. But, we also left plenty of room to explore and modify our plan. The process must be organic. “

The episode, intended to reflect Mumbai’s voice, was the hardest to pull off, airing next week. When he made the famous soundtrack of Gali Boy, he found himself in the direction of making another hip-hop song. “But I wasn’t sure how I could differentiate his voice. All I needed to do was reconsider my initial plan of weaving around stories. I remember when I came to Bombay many years ago I was excited to see this. The girls had fun in this city. They were more independent than my female friends in Delhi and Calcutta, and no one was worried about the possibility of their traveling alone late at night. I got a pair of female hip-hop [lead the vocals]. I also wanted to reflect the culture of immigration, so I went to Lisa Mishra, who migrated from the states to make Mumbai her home. “

Anyone who admits to being “insane” like Tiwari may have to stop this effort by pulling in between epidemics. “Immediately after I signed up for the show, questions were discussed on how we would look at it. We shot at the bubble. No one went anywhere after the shooting, and all of the people we talked to The entire crew was tested three times a day, with temperature checks and oxygen oxygen saturation readings monitored each morning. No. ”For one episode, I was shooting in Mussoorie, and went to my parents’ house twice. However, I did not find them. “

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