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Amrita Rao: Shahid Kapoor was always in a relationship when I was his co-star

Amrita Rao is currently in a very happy place as she is preparing to become the new mother of Bollywood. He has had a very successful career in the industry since making his debut with Ab Ke Baras in 2002.

In an interview with Times India f India, Now he is spreading rumors about his debut in Bollywood, the success of his films and his relationship with Shahid Kapoor. First talking about the failure of his first film, he said, “Blessed is the way I was, entered my movies through Tips Films, who saw me in a popular ad film and took a bouquet and cake to sign me for an artist management contract I came home. I had already shot for The Legend Bhagat Singh Bhagat Singh before my first film was released. “

He added, “I also started rehearsals for ‘Ishq Vishk’ and so the failure of ‘Ab Ke Baras’ was also a complete flash. Both the critics and the audience woke me up through ‘Ishq Vishk’.” She then continued to talk about what happened when the film was released and the response from the audience.

She declared, “I will never forget the day when Ishq Vishke was released. Director Ken Ghosh, Shahid, myself and producer Ramesh Taurani visited all the theaters we could literally do. We stood in the entry zone and watched the audience. Going crazy with laughter and enjoying every punch. Kane got a call that this film is a bumper opening in India. “

Rao’s second film which was a huge success was Suraj Barjatya’s wedding, which came back in 2006 and with Kapoor. India’s last Silver Jubilee film, this is how the actress looks back at the blockbuster, “Marriage is to me ‘Mughal’ E’Azam ‘was for Madhubala and’ Hum Aapke Hai Kaun ‘was for Madhuri Dixit. The kind of respect and relationship I have with the film is amazing. “

He added, “Marriages were considered reactionary only by English critics but were completely disproved by the Indian audience. There were cinema halls in Jaipur which were turned into wedding halls with a full procession to welcome the audience in their th week. Even today that record There is television that if it’s the weekend, ‘Wedding’ will have to be telecast. “

When Rao was asked about his reaction to rumors of a relationship with Shahid Kapoor, when they did several films together, he revealed, “Shahid was always in a relationship when I was his co-star. Yes, the audience always wanted that We were a ‘real-life couple’ but that had to do with our tremendous screenscreen popularity. The funny thing is that Shahid and I have only been very good friends, we weren’t even friends going out with each other. “

He added, “But yes, we as artists have a lot of respect for each other and recently Shahid also expressed on social media that he misses working with me, which was very sweet. Shahid and I never got married after ‘marriage’. Why not cast. The million dollar question and something to think about! “

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