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Ali Fazal on screen sharing with Richa Chadha: I was a fan of his closet

There are not many who do not know about Ali Fazal’s web show Mirzapur. With the recently released second season of the cult’s classic show, fans don’t get enough immortal characters from the show’s talented cast.

Ali Fazal recently spread rumors about his journey and how acting became for him. Speaking about his career graph, he says, “I was a little gaudy. I was a science student and broke my arm when I was in boarding school and that’s how I started acting. I think I slowly started to believe. I started talking a lot by chance because I got into the arts because of an injury. We had nothing else to do at school. My friend said, ‘Your English is good so get into something and don’t get depressed.’ “

He added, “I was a basketball player and couldn’t play games anymore. So that’s how it started. But I think there have been a lot of good opportunities for me. I did a little theater. In fact, no one knows but my The first film was with Saeed Akhtar Mirza (One Tho Chance). It’s not stupid. This is a revelation I’m making on this show. Then I got to work and moved on. “

Talking about the success of Mirzapur 2, Ali Fazal said about his experience of working with different co-stars in Bollywood as well as Hollywood, “I worked with Vidya Balan in the film Bobby Jasus. Had a great time and our friendship is still intact. The most memorable time for me was with Fukras because we just became a family. Of course, I met Richa there and I had the pleasure of sharing screen space with him. That I was a fan of his closet.Pankaj ji, because I get to learn a lot with him, recently, Russell Brand, who I worked with Death on the Nile and I think he is a certified genius. Judy Dench, of course. “

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