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Aaron Eckart: The Dark Knight is a reflection of our time

Actor Aaron Eckert says that the superhero movie The Dark Knight is a great story, but it is a reflection of our time. He plays Harvey Dent, the district attorney who plays the villain Two-Face in the 2008 film Helmed by Christopher Nolan.

“Some scripts are whatever they are … you get through them (think) ‘Hey, great.’ But ‘The Dark Knight’ was a novel and it was ga thick. It was like reading literature,” said Actarth. , Femalefirst.com .uk.

“And there’s also something about Gotham City. You have a city that is oppressed and run by criminal gangs. People can’t go out during the day, everyone is afraid for their safety, and paid to save them. People who come are corrupted. “They are part of a gang and no one can be trusted. Sounds like something familiar? “

He also praised Nolan for helping to bring DC Comics characters to life on the big screen as a Joker and for a late stage Heath Ledger Oscar-winning performance for contributing to the success of the movie.

“It’s not just a great story and a great movie, but this is what cinema and art are all about. It’s a reflection of our time. Chris (Christian Bell) knocked it out of the park and that’s why that movie is so important.” Then, apparently, Heath’s performance. What a special, special movie. I enjoyed being a part of it, “Eckert said.

Christian Bell starred in the blockbuster as Bruce Wayne and his superhero Alter Aham Batman.

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