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A doctor who has not taken a single day off from 267 days due to corona

Corona infection has caused outcry all over the world. During this time, doctors and health workers are treating patients day and night by presenting amazing examples. Warren, a 58-year-old physician in the US and chief of staff at the United Memorial Medical Center in Houston, has not taken a single leave since March. They have continued to treat Kovid patients. He has been treating patients daily for 267 consecutive days.

During a conversation with the Washington Post, Dr. “You don’t get a holiday when there is an epidemic in the country. If your Covid-19 unit is full of more than 45 patients and your staff is tired, how can you think about a holiday,” Warren said. Dr. Warren worked hard to make patients better and he says, I was there to do that.

Warren is a doctor and he is a kind and hardworking man. During media presentations, he predicted that this winter would be one of the darkest days in modern American medical history, and he was right. Wearing a PPE kit, Dr. Warren recorded the elderly patients on camera while embracing them and these pictures were shared on social media and the nation’s attention was drawn to this doctor.

Warren and four other good doctors and scientists are involved in research and development of a protocol for the continuous treatment of Covid-19. Warren says Corona’s transition is a battle-like situation, here you don’t wait for the next step, but you have to take whatever you have and fight back. They want to tell you not to sit back and wait for someone to come and treat you. You have to take care of yourself.


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